Culinary Treasures of Two Continents

Turkey is a opulent destination for a culinary vacation.Diversity and the full flavor makes the turkish cuisine world wide famous.This tour is colorful and full of taste.Turkish people loves to buy groceries and dairy products at local markets and everyday the stands get filled with organic fruits and vegetables, fresh bread,olives and much more.
We will start the tour doing the same thing, like all locals do. We will buy food for breakfast from local eateries then have breakfast in a tea house hidden in one of the back streets of the spice bazaar.Then we will visit the spice bazaar and dive into the amazing world of Turkish delicacies and spices. And note it, lts a taste before you buy kind of place.
Then we will take ferry to Kadıköy, Asian part of the city famous for vibrant food market and local shops.While we are on the ferry we will enjoy turkish tea in traditional tiny tulip shape glasses. As you sip your tea your guide will explain you the histoy and tradition of food and why this beautiful country has such strong culinary wealth.With this background information we will eat our way through the local eateries and smell the atmosphere of this lively neighborhood .lstanbul food tour is very popular tour.


Here are some of the food we are going to try during this tour;
Börek (turkish savory pastry) in a local bakery
traditional meze stop
pickle stop,
cheese and olives
honey and yoghurt
lahmacun(thin bread lightly covered with minced meat,tomatoes and onion)
turkish coffee and baklava
freshly squeezed orange and pomegranate juice
End of the tour we take ferry to Eminönü where our tour concludes.


to join this tour please contact with us


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