Hidden Tastes of Two continents

Go beyond the touristic attractions and popular sights. Visit charming neighborhoods along the Bosphorus. Have a real life experience .
Spice market, Breakfast in an old tradesman inn, Ferry ride to Asian side,Üsküdar food market with tastings,Short dolmuş ride to Kuzguncuk, Home made meal in a local restaurant

Food connects people no matter what the background is and allows you to explore local traditions. With every bite you get more into local life witnessing layers of history , thousands of years.

On this tour we will take you to charming neighborhoods along the Bosphorus where traditional hospitality and neighborhood culture still live on. You can not see franchised supermarkets or big shopping malls without any spirit. Residents still support small businesses and preserve the local atmosphere.

Our first stop on the Asian side is Üsküdar , a popular residential and commercial district hosting more traditional and conservative families. Üsküdar is nice, busy, full of little streets with markets, little eateries and shops. It is also one the best places to watch Istanbul’s scenery. Simply sitting in a Bosphorus-facing cafe , enjoying a cup of Turkish tea accompanied with the sounds of seagulls , watching the boats pass by is a great joy.


Alongside its historical sights( Maiden’s Tower, Historical mosques) Üsküdar attracts people with its colorful food market where you will enjoy Turkish delicacies away from the tourist crowds. The market has a great variety of products from all around Turkey. Just in one place you get a glimpse of the fertile land of Turkey.

Kuzguncuk is one of a kind place where a church , a mosque and a synagogue stand side by side , a real mosaic of faiths and traditions. It is the symbol of tolerance and harmony offering you peace in this little piece of Istanbul. With its bakeries, colorful ottoman wooden houses , local restaurants it will evoke a sense of old Istanbul.
Despite the drastic changes in the number of minorities the main synagogue and churches are still functional. Jews and Christians go there on the weekends to attend religious services.

So if you really are looking something different and want to have a journey to the hidden corners of this amazing city , join us..


to join this tour please contact with us



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