Street food in lstanbul

To get a real taste of Istanbul you need to eat and of course, eat good food. On this tour we will discover the backstreets of spice market, Galata, Istiklal street and Taksim.

We will start the day with simple but delicious breakfast in one of the backstreets of Spice bazaar. After meeting and introduction we will do some shopping for our breakfast like all Turkish people do. Then passing by local shops and eateries we will go to an old tradesmen inn to enjoy our breakfast. While we are sitting we will talk about the daily lives of Turkish people and get a glimpse of the culinary traditions by learning the way we eat &drink , the way we cook, the ingredients we use.

From the Spice bazaar we will go to the other side of the Golden Horn passing through the famous Galata bridge . The bridge offers one of the best views of the old town with a skyline dominated by minarets and domes. A must-see site for the first-time travellers.


After a short Tünnel( underground train with 2 stops/ second oldest one in the world) ride we will reach to Galata to start our walk through the İstiklal street. Istiklal street is the center for shopping , food, contemporary art , pop culture and entertainment and attracts tourist and visitor alike with its special energy and historical sites.

Our walk from Galata to Taksim through the Istiklal street has many delicious street foods
Get ready to try Kokoreç ( lamd intestines), stuffed mussels, İçli köfte ( stuffed cracked wheat balls) Kumpir ( baked potato with different toppings)..

We will also stop in Hazzapoulo historical passage to savor Turkish coffee and gain some energy to walk up to the Taksim Square.

We will end our delicious journey in the iconic Taksim square which is one of the active centers of Istanbul.


to join thsi tour please contact with us


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