Home Cooked lstanbul

Having experience with a local Turkish family meal and an evening in their house on this Istanbul food tour. A professional local tour guide will meet you at the meeting point, from which you’ll walk through the streets of historical Sultanahmet area to meet a local family.

Turkish people’s sense of hospitality is worldwide known and on this Istanbul tour you’ll have the chance to experience it. Meet the family and settle in for daily Turkish meal. There is a bit English spoken in the household but your local guide will be there to help translate – all part of the authentic local experience!
Chat informally with all members of the family and hear what its like to live in Turkey today. Sharing a meal with a local family is a great privilege and an opportunity to get real insight into local family life.

After a delicious Istanbul food, it’s time to take a walk in the backstreets of Istanbul city. Get your camera ready on this Istanbul walking tour for the picturesque wooden houses that line the streets in various states of repair. Get a sense of the communal style of life in Istanbul and learn about the various socio-economic groups that live here.

Then, head to a famous local place to enjoy greatest views of the Marmara Sea. Find a comfortable spot to watch games of football pop-up, or strike up conversation with the locals. There will definitely be many games of backgammon being played and if you don’t know the rules or how to play our local guide will give you the lowdown.

After this oh-so-local part of this Istanbul tour, there’s a chance to try two of Turkey’s favourite pastimes – tea drinking and Narglie (waterpipe) smoking. Sit back, relax and enjoy. At the end of the adventure you are free to return to your hotel. Your guide will be able to suggest some more local hidden gems for you to explore if you are not willing to head to your hotel directly!


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