Bosphorus Tour

Spice Bazaar: Embrace the many vibrant colors and aromas of the second largest covered bazaar..This is the hub of life for many Istanbulites along with many tourists.The bazaar is located at the center of Eminönü, a place that is always full of life and energy attracting locals and tourists alike .The bazaar is a cult destination for spice lovers and foodies from all around the world. lts a taste before you buy kind of place. For centuries Turkish people have been coming to this bazaar for old remedies but today you can also find a variety of products from Turkish delight; dried fruits; spices; pashminas and gold stores.

Rustempasha Mosque: This mosque from the 16th century is one of the less frequented gems of Ottoman İstanbul. lts one of the most beautiful mosques that help create the lstanbul skyline. Its famous for very beautiful hand made İznik tiles. Arranged in geometric and floral patterns the traditional blue tones are enriched with red and unique turquoise. The mosque was designed by the great architect Sinan.


Bosphorus: lts truely water way of dreams.Nowhere else in the world do land and history and legend mingle as wonderfuly as in the bosphorus .An impotant part of the citizens daily life in lstanbul is their journey between two continents watch the sea from the boat enjoying a glass of hot tea and simit listening the sounds of this magical city.

Dolmabahçe Palace: Built by Aldulmecit between 1843-1856 it is an example of the turn towards European style by the Sultan .The end result is a mixture of European and Oriental design but inarguably very sumptuous


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