Classic Istanbul Tour

Blue Mosque: The greatest one is the Sultanahmet Mosque popularly known as the Blue Mosque as its interior is richly decorated with 21000 blue tiles from İznik. lts the last great project of classical Ottoman architecture. The 400 year old mosque is one of only two mosques in Turkey with 6 minarets.

Hagia Sophia: The most important surviving work of Byzantine architecture from 6 AD, it gives a fascinating inside look into the diverse history of lstanbul. ln its 1500 year life span, it has served as a cathedral , a mosque and now its one of the greatest museums in the world. lt was built by the Emperor Justinian who wanted this church to be the largest Christian church in the world and to stand as a symbol of the glorious Byzantine Empire. The Greek church of Divine Wisdom was also greatly admired in the lslamic world and influenced the design of many other Ottoman mosques.
Hippodrome: This was the center of civillian life and also doubled as a race track. During the life of this city it has become the scene of countless political and military dramas. Three monuments remain – the German Fountain, the Serpintine Column and the Obelisk

Grand Bazaar:This is the first shopping mall in the world .As one of the oldest and largest historical bazaars in the world. Grand Bazaar is beyond imagination for many travellers. lts a city in itself. lt covers about 350.000 square feet and has 4000 shops, 65 streets, 2 fabric market, fountains and mosques. lt has being the center of commerce , trade and industrial activity through out its long history.You can find a wide variety of products such as jewellery, carpets, silver, handbags, souvenirs and more.


Topkapı Palace: Canon Gate Palace is a magnificent Oriental palace overlooking the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn. It was the imperial residence of the 25 Ottoman sultans from the 15th to the mid 19th century. Today it is one of the richest museums in the world with outstanding collections of Chinese porcelains , imperial thrones, holy relics, sultans khaftans and the imperial treasury. Apart from being the residence of the Ottman sultans, the palace was also the administrative , cultural and educational center of the Ottoman empire. The palace contians a school in which civil servants were educated, a very spacious kitchen , a library, exquisively decorated pavillions and St lrene Church.
Harem: lt was a seperate world and undoubtedly the most interesting place in the palace. It reflects the private lives of the Sultans and their families in all its glory.


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