Fener Balat Tour

A mosaic of faiths

Istanbul has always been a melting pot of religions and cultures since antiquity. Fener and balat walking tour is the best way to witness the multicultural background of Istanbul, rich in history , monuments and gastronomic delicacies. This area has been home to many different communities such as Armenians , Jews, Christians and Muslims. Although included in the Unesco World Heritage list , these neighborhoods are normally overlooked by visitors.


While we are strolling through the colorful streets of Fener&Balat we will witness different layers of history and discuss the changing social and political life of Istanbul.
During the walk we will pass by churches, synagogues, mosques,dervish convents, picturesque ottoman houses, wonerful wooden mansions.


City walls, anemas dungeons, Panagia Blachernae Holy springs and & church, Kazasker İvaz efendi mosque, Holy archangels Armenian church, Fener Greek High school, Greek Orthodox Patriarchate.


to join this tour please contact with us



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